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In the world of hospitality, a well-designed commercial fitout is an opportunity to craft a narrative that complements the culinary journey offered by a restaurant or bar. Interior design and quality of workmanship have a profound impact on a hospitality business's success. A restaurant or bar's ambience, decor, and layout can greatly influence the overall dining experience, making it essential to keep up with current trends and customer preferences. An on-trend hospitality fitout should reflect a unique blend of culture, innovation, and design. Hospitality fit out trends that will transform your space and elevate the experience. At Forbes experts provide an insight into three current trends.


The cultural crossover trend emphasises the nuances of diverse heritages and mirrors the complex fabric of those communities, fostering rich and layered experiences, both in design and cuisine.  Designers must approach these designs with cultural sensitivity, steering clear of stereotypes. In 2024, we can expect restaurants to transport diners to entirely different worlds through well-translated, sophisticated design, creating a transformative and escapist experience without resorting to clichés. The fusion of culinary and design elements not only resonates with the essence of the destination and the brand but also encapsulates a one-of-a-kind encounter that can be savoured nowhere else.


Restaurant and bar designers face an important lighting challenge as mixology becomes a greater draw in hospitality.  Craft cocktails are taking on dramatic presentations and unexpected flavour combinations. Restaurant and bar design will align with this trend, and guests will experience visually stunning bar setups with dynamic lighting, eye-catching backdrops and furniture and fixtures that enhance the experience.  There needs to be a balance between creating an intimate experience for the customer while also providing adequate lighting for the task. The key to striking the right balance is task lighting that isn’t visually overwhelming. Adding wireless tabletop lamps will create social intimacy.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis combines the best of modern luxuries with traditional-style hospitality service. People want to relax and restaurants that offer a respite from the hustle and bustle will gain traction. Rooftop gardens, indoor green walls and al fresco dining with a focus on sustainable design will help achieve this.   Exploring the evolution of urban oasis concepts and breaking free from their brand concept. In doing so, restaurants discover a fresh identity that seamlessly melds with the unique character of their locale and its surroundings. Remarkably, this adaptation doesn’t compromise the fundamental commitment to offering top-notch cuisine. Instead, it revitalizes the dining experience.


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