Office Insight

An insight into what makes a good office space.

Understand the space

The most important factor is the happiness of your employees – who will use the space every day. Designing an office with your team in mind can help you maximise efficiency within the workplace. Following covid and the rise of hybrid working, offices that are designed to allow people to move around and have options for different types of work like hot desking and collaborative working areas. Having a space that encourages a positive work culture and a sense of community is especially important. The design should create the best office layout based on your specific requirements, values and company culture.

Aesthetically pleasing

Office aesthetics are not just about looks, they are a powerful tool in shaping employee satisfaction and motivation. The right aesthetics can foster an inspiring atmosphere, making the workplace a space where employees are eager to be.  Access to natural lighting and positioning working areas in a bright area is essential for positive well-being. The strategic use of colours can stimulate creativity and enhance concentration. Incorporating nature by adding plants and displaying artwork that is on-brand can provide a sense of individuality. Careful consideration of the right aesthetics can really nurture your team.

The right furniture

Office furniture shapes the work environment, affecting employee productivity, health, and morale. The best offices aren’t just functional, they prioritise and invest in ergonomic furniture to support employees’ needs.  Employers should value employees’ comfort and provide the right chairs and desks for well-being and productivity. Private areas or booths that are fitted with comfortable furniture can foster a positive environment and boost productivity. It is also important to consider adequate storage furniture so that everything has a place.

Encourage collaboration

With the rise of hybrid working, socialising is now one of the main reasons people want to come into the office, so creating a space that facilitates this is key to creating a great place to work. Thoughtfully planned spaces consider the flow around the office and create areas that encourage social interaction. Open designs promote an inclusive atmosphere where communication and collaboration are effortless. Fostering transparency encourages a unified team dynamic.  Multifunction spaces where people can concentrate and focus or break out and relax caters for different working styles.

Newry Office

Unit 1
Derryboy Road
Carnbane Business Park
Newry, Co. Down
BT35 6FY

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Unit E8
Calmount Business Park
Dublin 12

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Kemp House
152 City Road
United Kingdom

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