How retailers are creating the best in-store brand experiences

Monthly Retail Insights for Grant Brand Experience Fit Out

This insight piece will examine some of the most immersive in-store brand experiences and how they engage with customers to leave a lasting impression.



Everyone loves LEGO for the great brand experience it creates. LEGO’s secret power is to foster a stronger emotional bond than other experiences. With its innovative interlocking bricks, LEGO has had a firm grip on the toy industry for nearly a century. LEGO offers a totally unique and immersive retail experience. LEGO House, located in Denmark, is the ultimate experience. It features multi-level floors and terraces; the building invites its visitors to climb, explore, play, and let their imaginations run wild. This wonderful visitor attraction cements the brand as one built around imagination and innovative thinking for all ages to enjoy.  Lego’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan features Lego installations of famous NYC landmarks, a personalisation studio that allows visitors to make customized Lego-brick portraits and a station for making customized mini-figures.


Tesla is known for its innovative and sustainable electric vehicles. The company’s Supercharger network makes it easy for Tesla owners to charge their cars on the go, and its customer service is consistently top-notch. Tesla’s approach to retail is characterised by its experiential showrooms, known as Tesla Galleries. These galleries provide customers with an immersive and interactive environment to explore Tesla’s electric vehicles. Instead of a traditional car dealership, the focus is on educating and engaging customers about the unique features and benefits of Tesla vehicles.  Visitors can sit inside the cars, experience the touchscreen interface, and learn about advanced technologies. This experiential approach allows customers to truly understand the Tesla brand and its commitment to sustainable transportation, creating a memorable and influential retail experience.


Apple is known for hosting in-store events that offer customers unique and educational experiences. After listening to the Voice of the Customer, Apple realised that its customers might benefit from additional workshops and tutorial sessions.  Their “Today at Apple” sessions provide hands-on workshops and tutorials on topics like photography, coding, music production, and more. These events are one of the retail customer experience examples that foster community engagement, attract new customers, and enhance the overall customer experience by offering valuable learning opportunities within the retail environment.


Adidas take immersive shopping to the next level. By leveraging the power of customer feedback, Adidas understood their customer’s needs and preferences and introduced interactive displays to make their experience more engaging and convenient.  They introduced interactive mirrors that recognise the items customers bring into the fitting room, displaying product information, alternative sizes, and complementary items on the mirror’s screen. This interactive display enhances the shopping experience, providing real-time recommendations and a seamless blend of physical and digital interactions.

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