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Hospitality Insights

Monthly Hospitality Insights for Grant Brand Experience Fit Out

The cost of living crisis, sustainability credentials, and unprecedented labour shortages have undoubtedly been major influences driving the hospitality trends of 2023. Research indicated that while consumers are tightening their purse strings, they are still prioritising hospitality. Following a turbulent few years, the restaurant industry has come up with creative ways to enhance their services to diners through experiences and interior designs.

May 2023 – Hospitality Insights

Cultural Hubs

The number of food halls has soared in recent years and are evolving into wider cultural hubs which offer not just great food and drink, but live music, DJs, open mic, comedy and films. Dining has become more than a good food experience; it is a cultural experience encompassing many aspects of life.
Grant Fit Out recently delivered a fit out for Empire Empire, a place to drink, dance and dine at Notting Hill London. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of 1970s disco this newly established culture hub offers a unique experience.

Tech = Connect

The hospitality industry is rapidly embracing technology to remain competitive and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the ever-changing digital landscape. More and more restaurants, however small, will be seen linked to technology. Booking online tables, viewing the online menus, ordering takeaway for a particular time, and digital platforms like OpenTable are creating new opportunities, such as the Experiences initiative, where venues can promote unique culinary events.
To work around the current staffing issues, more restaurants will have to adopt digital tools or less labour-reliant concepts.

May 2023 – Hospitality Insights
May 2023 – Hospitality Insights

Table For One

In the age of self-care, solo dining is growing, with the hashtags #SoloDate and #DiningAlone amassing over 150 million views on TikTok. Restaurants are making it easier for diners to do so, with counter seating becoming more common.

Open Kitchens & Floor Plans

Diners analyse ingredients and preparation methods with more scrutiny than ever before. To build trust and display transparency, many restaurants have incorporated open kitchens and floor plans into their designs to give diners a view into the kitchen.  Open kitchens not only allow diners to see how their food is prepared, but it also provides a form of entertainment and brings them into the food preparation experience. An open kitchen also allows for a more immersive experience, with diners able to see, smell, and hear their food being made.

May 2023 – Hospitality Insights
May 2023 – Hospitality Insights

Sustainability is a necessity

Sustainability has become a more pressing topic that cannot be ignored in 2023. It is a necessity more than a trend.  Sustainability should be standard practice, not a concept — it includes everything from reducing energy consumption to reusing and recycling. Restaurants need to consider their ecological impact and identify better ways to implement sustainable practices through waste and deliveries.