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August 2021 Savills

A survey of over 100,000 landlords and occupier clients and office workers across the UK and EMEA show that 87% of EMEA workers say the office is still necessary.

August 2021 Savills

The three most desired office design changes are a managed flow of people so that the office occupancy peaks and troughs are balanced; health and wellbeing initiatives and a building application to understand quality of air, book desks, etc. The three most desired upgrades to current offices are improved personal safety, less noise and a reduction in bad odours/smell.

Andrew Cunningham, Director of Offices at Savills Ireland said, “Current leasing activity in the Dublin market confirms that the future of the office is bright – but it will also be different, as these results reveal. 18 months away from the office has given employees time to re-evaluate what they want from it, so employers will need to adapt.

“The office environment needed to change – the pandemic is speeding up this change which, I believe, will ensure it continues to play a key role in working-life.”