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Bringing Brand Personality to the Office

As people get back to the office post covid, you need to reflect your brand personality into the office design.

Bringing Brand Personality to the Office

When most companies develop their brands, rarely do they consider the fit out to the same level as their logo or website. By not having the office designed in sync with brand, businesses are failing to reinforce personality and ethos with clients and employees.

Pops of Colour

A recent study by Gallup found that only 11% of workers around the world are engaged and inspired in their workplace. By injecting your brand’s personality to the work environment, it gives the opportunity to create an immersive brand experience for your employees, making them feel connected to the company.

The most logical way of bringing your brand to the office space is through colour. Incorporating brand colour palette to an office design will not only brighten the space but will subtly keep the brand at the front of mind to all who occupy the space. When Grant created Savills Belfast office, the design used pops of their signature yellow throughout the space. A bright, dynamic environment was delivered that connected with their brand, and a space that Savill employees knew they belonged.

Savill’s Belfast Office


First Impressions

Think of your office as your first impression to your clients and employees. It is important to consider your client’s perspective and their takeaways, from when they visit the office. The tone of the company can be set in the reception.  As someone enters your office space, they get an instant impression of your brand. For example, if you want to be perceived as a forward-thinking company, highlighting your innovative side in these main areas,  with additions such as digital sign-ins and charging stations in reception, can leave a lasting impression.

JWT New York Reception


Core Values

Moving past reception, the physical office space can be used to convey your core values. If a company has a focus on collaboration and openness, ensure the office design incorporates open workspaces and collaboration zones to emphasise these values to staff. While including glass walls reflects transparency and trust. It is important to remember that it is not ‘one size fits all’.  The addition of football tables and video games may add a playful, creative element to the office, but for a more conservative office, it may not set the right tone. By putting thought into how to bring your values to life, you are creating a space that embodies the culture and spirit of your company.

Nokia, SilIcon Valley

The care you put into creating an office environment that reflects your brand’s personality says volumes about the care you put into what you do. You want visitors and employees to leave your office feeling assured of your passion and vision – and your office design can ensure just that. Speak to a member of our team on how Grant Fit Out can help you with your next office fit out.


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