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Great Staff Deserve Great Spaces

CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook for Spring 2022 shows that 45% of employers currently have recruitment challenges. Employers push benefits like pay and flexible working policies, but one key factor often overlooked that can attract and retain great employees is the office environment.


Great Staff Deserve Great Spaces

Employers must look at their office space and ensure it provides benefits and improves overall satisfaction for their employees, or they could find themselves left behind in the great resignation.

What do employees want?

To create a happy workforce, you need to understand your people, understand how they work and build a space that meets their needs.

Employers can miss a vital step when designing their spaces – asking employees what they want. Often, companies can follow the lead of larger tech companies with additions of ping pong tables or arcade games, yet research by Future Workplace shows that employees care more about the basics, such as air and light.

Investing in smaller changes that really meet employees’ needs can empower them within the workplace, creating a productive and happy workforce.

Maximising Light

According to Harvard Business Review, natural lighting is the number one attribute employees want. Brighter spaces with access to natural light can energise employees and reduce eyestrain and headaches. While lighting may be restricted due to the building, there are simple ways to incorporate natural light, so everyone can benefit.

  • Rearrange the space so that work areas, where people spend most of their time, have the most access to natural light. Open plan offices are a great solution here.
  • Remove any fixtures that block external light sources.
  • Choosing sleek and shiny finishes for fixtures and adding mirrors in a space can maximise light, as it effectively bounces natural light throughout an area.

Home Comforts

During the pandemic, employees enjoyed the comfort of their own homes as their work environment. For some, returning to the office has been daunting. Employers should look to create an inviting office environment for employees, adding ‘homely’ elements to the office design. Comfy sofas in areas for employees to relax while on breaks is an excellent example of how to include these elements.

Offering employees, the option to personalise their workspace with items from home, such as blankets or lamps, can also be beneficial. 40% of UK staff said these items helped increase their productivity, allowing them to focus in a busy environment.

Smart Technology

With Gen Z beginning to enter the job market, and millennials predicted to represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025, it is essential to pay attention to what these generations are looking for in a workplace to attract and retain this younger talent.

These age groups are constantly connected, and smart technology can appeal to their thinking. Newer buildings are often smart buildings, that use technology to enable staff to connect to resources via their phone and computer. However, this can be a significant investment for building owners and is not always viable. Integrating smart systems, like smart lockers, within your existing space can have similar appeal and benefits.

Office Branding

When interviewing new talent, the office is the company’s first impression. Having prominent and clear branding throughout the space shows potential employees that the company has a solid and consistent brand. For current staff, branding can make them feel connected and create a positive connection with the company. Including company values and mission in your office branding can reinforce the company culture and make employees feel they are part of the shared goal.

Are you considering an office redesign? Today’s workplace must entice talent through the door by championing well-being and productivity. Our team of design and fit out specialists can work with you to provide a space that will attract and retain the best talent. Get in touch to take the next step.


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