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Technology in the Office

Homes are increasingly becoming ‘smart’ with automated systems for heating and lighting. Homeowners can control their space from the touch of an app. Now offices can benefit from the same type of technology, providing optimum working environments for employees while saving on energy costs. Now is the time to rethink how we use technology in the workplace.

Technology in the Office

A recent study found that only 37% of office workers felt that their office technology was to a good standard. This offers companies endless opportunities to innovate in the office to fit the needs of their employees. The choices of how to incorporate technology solutions will be dependent on company size and budget, but it is important that they are based on the needs of the employees and the requirements they have to complete their roles.

Smart Phone Integrations

Smart phones have become the remote controls to our working lives, and companies can now offer simple integrations into office resources, giving employees a seamless experience. Employees can use apps to pre-book parking spaces or EV charging points at the office before arrival, removing the hassle from the commute.

The acceleration of the need for touch-free access due to the pandemic now offers the use of phones for building access to employees, and to pre-book work stations for those working a hybrid model. Employees will benefit from the ease of being able to plan in advance, while companies will be able to use the data to develop policies and initiatives.

Technology for Employee Wellness

Companies are more focused on enhancing the working lives of their employees than ever before. Technology can provide services to support employees’ experiences when it comes to their mental and physical well-being.

A CIPD survey found that 44% of employees were anxious about returning to the office post covid.  Companies can implement technology to try and alleviate these worries, such as, anti-viral misting and UV lighting to create a healthier and safer environment.

Individual control of lighting, window blinds, and temperature using software, gives the employee a personalised experience. Technology can also be embedded into furniture seamlessly to enhance employees’ comfort and productivity, with chairs automatically adjusting to a person’s height and comfort setting, and sensor-linked desks that raise prompting movement.  By offering this control, companies are allowing employees the opportunity to create an environment that is optimum for their needs.

While technology can certainly benefit an employees’ wellness, it has to be noted that companies should consider a balance when adding more technology to their office designs. ‘Digital burnout’ is increasing due to the constant stream of communications from our screens. It is important to have policies surrounding technology, such as ‘tech-free’ meetings and time away from screens to ensure they strike the balance on overall well-being.

Presenting the Future

The office boardroom will experience the most significant change with the advancements in tech. The ability to pitch and present in an immersive environment using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, The Metaverse, 3-D projectors, and even hologram technology will give companies the ability to present, collaborate and captivate clients all over the world from their boardroom.

Smart Lighting

Offices are well-known for consuming too much power. By implementing, even small technological advancements, companies are making big impacts on their energy consumption. Switching to intelligent LED lighting throughout buildings will use 75% less energy than traditional lighting, and can monitor when required, through movement in the building. This has the added benefit of reducing operating costs.

Technology is constantly evolving, organisations need to make strategic decisions on what kind of technology they should incorporate into their office design. Used correctly, it will be beneficial to the overall design, creating a space that works for all.

If you are considering an office design, contact the Grant team to discuss how best to incorporate technology.


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