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The Importance of Break Out Areas

Break out areas are no longer a nice to have within an office. They are increasingly becoming fundamental in the modern office environment.

The Importance of Break Out Areas

With the pressures of modern working, employees spend more time at their computer screens, and working from home can leave them feeling isolated from their teams. Employers understand that the office space needs to adapt to offer more than just the basics. A break out area can be a highly beneficial addition.

What is a Break Out Area?

A break out area can be defined as a separate space from an employee’s usual working area. It is a space for employees to utilise throughout their working day, to take a break away from their desks. It gives them an opportunity to relax, refresh and refocus. Break out areas can also be used for informal meetings and for catch-ups with colleagues.

Large organisations invest heavily in these kind of areas with innovative designs and quirky themes, like Amazon’s nest in their Seattle office. All offices regardless of size can create a space for employees to use as a break out area.

The Benefits of Break Out Areas

Creating a space that allows employees to move away from their desks, can offer several benefits.

Including a break out area in your office design shows the importance an employer places on their employee’s wellbeing. Break out areas offer a change of scenery and an opportunity to switch off. Moving to an area that is more comfortable and away from your desk can help reduce workplace stress, spark creativity and enhance productivity. The idea alone of a break out area encourages employees to take their breaks during the workday, which positively impacts overall wellbeing.

Collaboration within the office is crucial to building strong working relationships. Often it can be difficult to interact with different departments while at your desk. Break out areas offer a solution by providing a space that encourages interaction and communication across departments. This helps to strengthen morale within the office and has a positive impact on an employee’s feeling of belonging within an organisation.

Break out areas also offer a flexible workspace depending on an employee’s needs. The unstructured space can allow employees to work on a focused task away from the distraction of a busy office, catch up on emails between meetings, or tick off some quick tasks. All within a comfortable space.

The modern workforce expect break out areas from their current and future employers. Break out areas are a great way of attracting new talent and retaining staff.

An office break out area does not need to take up too much space, or be overly extravagant. Strategic thought should go into the design. Break out areas should be located in spaces where it’s easy for people to visit as they go about their daily activities. It is also important to ensure the design aligns with an organisation’s brand and values. The choice of colour, furniture and facilities all need careful consideration to ensure the correct tone is achieved.

If you are interested in creating a break out area in your office space, reach out to the Grant team to discuss.


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