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Transform Your Office Space

Post-pandemic employees have become used to working from home because of the comforts and flexibility it offers. While many companies have embraced a hybrid work model, most still recognise the benefit of having employees in the office. The current issue facing employers is enticing employees back to the office.

Transform Your Office Space

Employees may need a little nudge back to the office.  Today’s workplace must craft a unique experience that will connect the space to the company and create a sense of belonging.

Here are our tips for creating a workplace experience that will entice employees back.

#1 Design for Connection

One of the major drawbacks of working from home is that employees can feel disconnected from their colleagues. Designing the workplace to offer social hubs, where employees can meet to collaborate and connect is key to the modern workplace. Offer comfortable furniture and access to data and electrical points for digital integrations. They should also be flexible in design to enable configuration to support socialising and downtime for the team.

#2 Create a Sense of Belonging

Those joining companies during the pandemic often didn’t receive a full welcome to the office and, as such, may not feel a sense of belonging. Companies that foster a sense of belonging can increase employee loyalty, productivity, and happiness. Employees want to feel a sense of purpose in their workplace, and the office space can be used to reinforce a company’s identity, mission, and values. Incorporating brand colours and logos is a simple way to represent a brand’s personality. The choice of materials, furniture, and fixtures should be carefully considered to strengthen the brands positioning.

#3 Focus on Well-Being

The move to remote work has placed extra stress on physical and mental well-being. Fostering well-being within the workplace creates a positive work environment and make employees eager to be in the office to join incentives. Establishing an outdoor space to allow people to take their breaks outside and enjoy the fresh air is an excellent addition to the workplace. Offering an area within the office focused on well-being that provides a place to wind down has been found to have a significant positive impact on employees and their overall stress levels while at work.

#4 Offer Amenities

The biggest draw of remote working is the convenience of home amenities. It is time to rethink what the office offers to employees. Fitness spaces have been popular additions to many office buildings. Adding showers and bike storage makes it simpler for those who cycle to work. Larger buildings may even consider strategically placed coffee bars with in-house baristas.

Creating a connected environment that encourages a strong sense of belonging is the key to having an office where employees want to come to and thrive at work. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to craft workspaces designed with your brand and values in mind, reach out to discuss your needs further.


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