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Dubai Retail Highlights

Dubai is known for iconic high-rise buildings, glamourous lifestyles and picturesque beaches.

Dubai Retail Highlights

It has rapidly become the retail destination for those in pursuit of the ultimate shopping experience. The Grant team recently took a trip to Dubai to take a look at what the retail experience has to offer, and they were not disappointed.

Dubai Mall

A visit to Dubai would not be complete without a trip to Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping centre. Situated at the foot of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, with over 1,200 retail outlets the mall is an experience for all. Attractions such as an aquarium and ice rink are dotted between world-renown brands, all jostling to attract and wow keen potential shoppers.

The Mall has been well designed and thought-out for ease for shoppers. Due to The Mall’s size, stores are grouped together in similar categories, such as KidZania full of children’s fashion and toys, Level Shoes for all your footwear needs, and Fashion Avenue where every luxury brand thinkable is situated. Each area has its own theme aligned with the category, creating a 360° experience for shoppers in and out of stores.

Level Shoes District at Dubai Mall

Eye-catching Entrances

With such competition for shoppers, brands have to work hard to attract them instore. One trend that the team noticed was the use of eye-catching window displays, and the use of digital screen storefronts.

Under Armour Flagship Store Entrance

The use of video often highlighted the brand’s values and mission and had the effect of stopping shoppers in their tracks to watch. This longer dwell time meant more often than not, they would decide to enter the stores.

Interactive window displays were also a trend within The Mall. Sacoor Brothers, the premium men’s tailor, had tailors in the window working on custom items. Adidas’ Maker Lab window allowed shoppers to watch custom Adidas products come to life. These interactive elements engaged shoppers and left a lasting impression on our team.

Adidas Maker Lab

Stores for Brand Missions

Traditionally stores are transactional spaces, but with the larger footprint of the stores in Dubai, we found that brands are using their space to educate the shopper on their values and missions. Adidas did this extremely well, they have focused large areas of their store on their sustainability mission. Creating a zero-waste space, they have their mission statement as you enter, educational videos throughout, and highlight the sustainable materials used in the store build. Shoppers leave informed on the issue and with no doubt of the action Adidas are taking to tackle plastic waste.

DXB Hyper-Local Stores

Emiratis are very proud of their culture and the City of Dubai. Brands have done their research and realised this. Throughout stores, DXB (Dubai’s airport code) is splashed everywhere. Some of the larger flagship stores have created DXB local stores within their spaces. These areas highlight the local culture, local heroes and also sell unique products specific to Dubai, which both locals and tourists are keen to purchase.

DXB stores

Prime Real Estate

In the City where bigger is better, brands are willing to spend to be seen. Nike has not been afraid to make an investment to have a prime location in the mall. Their Dubai Mall store overlooks the Dubai Fountains and they have used a large space as a viewing gallery for shoppers for the fountain shows. The showstopping fountain display and the Nike Swoosh create a memorable experience for shoppers and reinforce the brand’s positioning.

Shopping in Dubai is more than a tick on your bucket list; it is an experience to be shared with family and friends for locals and tourists alike. The Malls within Dubai are destinations in their own right, and the stores within them have created bespoke experiences to attract shoppers and leave them with a lasting impression of both the brand and the City. It is an experience not to be missed if you are visiting.


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