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The 5 Must-See Flagship Stores

A flagship store is a brand’s biggest and brightest star in its physical retail network. Brands continue to invest in creating new global flagship stores that showcase their products and develop store formats that focus on an immersive brand experience for their visitors.

The 5 Must-See Flagship Stores

The flagship store experience should be the most impressive of a brand’s retail network. It’s a space for consumers to be surprised, educated, and advised while immersed in the world of the brand.

There have been some notable flagship openings recently, and Grant is rounding up the top 5 must-see flagship stores.

House of Rituals, Amsterdam

Described as a holistic shopping and lifestyle experience, Amsterdam based beauty brand Rituals opened a 1,500 sq. mtr. flagship in their home city. Since opening in 2020, it has become a must-see destination for Rituals fans. Offering amenities such as a restaurant, regular spa, and mind spa – specifically focused on mental well-being treatments.

While visitors can shop the brand’s classic collections, they gain access to exclusive products and personalisation options. Rituals use the store to test new concepts and products before rolling them out to their network

Coca Cola, London

The iconic beverage brand opened their first European experiential store in London’s Convent Garden in April 2022. Designed as a fresh way to experience the brand’s drinks and build brand love. The store offers limited-edition merchandise, including fashion collaborations with local London streetwear designers. A dedicated beverage bar provides visitors with mocktails made with Coca Cola products and the opportunity to design customised drinks cans.

Coca Cola uses the store as a platform to educate visitors on the brand’s sustainability commitments and bring visitors on their journey to a ‘World Without Waste’.

Hermès Maison , Shanghai

Luxury brands are using their flagship stores as an integral part of their strategy to position their brand with Chinese consumers. By offering ‘wow’ flagship experiences, they can provide instant credibility within the brand-orientated market.

Hermès has used their flagship store in Shanghai to create a unique experience, focused on educating consumers about their culture and the heritage of the French luxury designer. The store has a dedicated event and exhibition space that hosts exclusive invite-only art and cultural exhibitions.

Johnnie Walker, Edinburgh

The Scottish whisky brand has invested in an immersive flagship experience on Edinburgh’s Prince’s Street. The eight-floor building is designed to take visitors on a ‘journey of flavour’. Located on the ground floor, visitors can bottle their own whisky, along with bespoke labelling and engraving, which is only available at this location.

After the retail element, visitors can book several experiential events, such as tours and tastings, and complete their visit with a drink on the rooftop bar. Since opening in 2021, it has raised the bar in experiential retail formats and has been deemed a massive success for the drinks brand.

Dior, Paris

In Montaigne, Paris, Dior’s flagship reopened in March 2022 after a lengthy renovation and has become a beacon for luxury brand fans. The flagship carries all the brand’s categories and houses a gallery space, two restaurants, three gardens, and an exclusive guest suite.  Die-hard fans can pay for the privilege of staying overnight and enjoy the perk of having private 24/7 access to the boutique.

Dior’s CEO Pierre Beccari says, ‘we don’t regard it as a boutique; we see it as a complete experience.’

Successful flagship stores balance innovation, education, and entertainment within one seamless experience. The innovation that brands are creating in-store is exciting to see unfold. At Grant, we work with our clients to develop effective immersive experiences that delight consumers in-store.


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