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Windows to Wow

NPD Group research has found that 24% of consumers in 2021 were influenced to purchase by a window display. With only a few seconds to attract customers in-store, window displays are essential in retail design.


Windows to Wow

The right window display can engage customers, merchandise new products, highlight promotions, enhance brand identity, and set retailers apart from their competition.

Brands are investing more in their window displays. Creating innovative concepts, incorporating technology and out of the box thinking.

Here are some displays that have caught the Grant team’s eye recently:

Kate Spade Saturday, New York

Fashion brand Kate Spade took the phrase ‘window shopping’ to the next level. It created an innovative brand experience via the window in its Manhattan pop-up. Customers could shop 24 hours a day directly via a digital touch screen built into the window display. Items were couriered to anywhere in New York within an hour. All without having to enter the store.

Ainz & Tulpe, Tokyo

Japan’s largest cosmetic brand Ainz & Tulpe has made its window displays an interactive customer experience using digital integrations. Using motion sensors, the faces within the display follow customers as they walk by. Customers can choose one of the make-up looks on display, and a coupon is printed out with details of products to bring in-store and purchase. Software uses facial recognition to detect which language to print the coupon.

Gucci, Worldwide

The Italian designer incorporated AR into its Hallucination campaign windows. Gucci reimagined famous paintings by adding their clothes to the characters in the art pieces. In addition, scannable stickers were included on the windows to allow customers to access an app where they could download a limited-edition wallpaper and enjoy the paintings through augmented reality. This brought the windows to life, as it offered a new medium for customers to explore the Gucci brand and its products.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

The iconic French department store created a competition for children to design a Christmas hero. Winning designs were transformed into cuddly toys and displayed as part of their Christmas campaign. It created a magical and memorial display that actively incorporated customers into its in-store experience.

Saks Fifth Avenue x Vetements, New York

Window displays can be used to share a message with the passerby. The collaboration with French design brand Vetements and Saks Fifth Avenue chose to do this and highlight the issue of sustainability in the fashion industry. Starting with a small pile of clothes, the pile grew daily, made up of donated clothes and out-of-season stock. The unexpected display was startling compared to other displays and became a talking point with customers.

Lululemon, London

Lululemon installed a bespoke LED map of the marathon route in their London window to coincide with the London Marathon. Tying in with the athletic apparel brand’s Every Run Has A Reason campaign, the map featured many of the city’s iconic landmarks. By knowing their target audience, they created a feature in the windows that participants could use to get familiar with the marathon route, and drive footfall to the store.

Windows displays can be an exciting extension of a brand. Retailers can elevate their physical stores, stop passersby in their tracks, and drive in-store sales by getting creative.


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